Digital Photography Workshop for Teachers
by Janet Caughlin

This is the companion web site for the book Digital Photography Workshop for Teachers.

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While we hope this book will be a great resource for you, we couldn’t include everything you may want to know in a single book. To extend your learning, we’ve listed some good Web sites for you to try. A bit of information about each site is given, as well as the Web address. Try them out, and bookmark them if you find them to be as useful as we think they are.

Lesson Plans and Activities
Adobe Digital Kids Club -
Contains tips, lesson plans and activities, tutorials.

Tutorials and Links to Tutorials
Surfing the Net With Kids -
Links to camera information sites

How Stuff Works -
Photography Information

Kodak Digital Learning Center -
Photography Information, tips

Feel Nikon -
Photography Information

PhotoTips -
Links to digital photography sites.


A Short Course in Choosing a Digital Cameras -

Digital Photography 101 -

Dear Dr. Photography -

Photo Sharing Sites
flickr -

KodakEasyShareGallery -

Shutterfly -

picasa -


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