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Click to download handouts and presentation files. They are in pdf format and require the free Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader. Data files are available, too.

Cool Things You Can Do With Excel (61.8 KB)

Cool Things You Can Do With PowerPoint (561.4 KB)

Cool Things You Can Do With Word (138.2 KB)

Spreadsheets in the Classroom (1.5 MB)

Databases in the Classroom (627.4 K)

Office in the Elementary School (9.3 MB)

Classroom Economics Office (1.1 MB) Data file

Classroom Economics AppleWorks (1.1 MB) Data file

Money Management Office (188 KB) Data file

Money Management AppleWorks (448 KB) Data file

Interactive Charts (212.5 KB)

Presidents (1,4 MB) Data file

Classroom Management of Handhelds (24.9 MB)

Handhelds Peripherals (36.3 MB)

Handheld Lessons (22.8 MB)

Digital Photography in the Classroom (60 MB)

I Know There's a Picture in There Somewhere (4.6 MB)

ManYee DeSandies (9 MB) Data file

Cool Things Kids Can Do To Digital Photos (2.7 MB)

Time Lines (238.9 KB)

Web Books: They're Fun and Easy to Make! (718.4 KB)

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